October 18, 2016

Featured Flavors

The People who bring us the New Flavors

Here are a few of the people who are renting the truck, investing their time and energy, testing their cooking and business skills, and introducing differences that makes us who we are as a community.


This page will showcase the renters. The new entrepreneurs. Our neighbors and friends. Our new businesses. The families and friends who work together to strive, achieve and succeed. The People who bring us the New Flavors.



Fifi AbuBakar – Seri Pandan

 Malaysian Cuisine

Facebook – @Seri_Pandan 

Fifi was born and raised in Malaysia, a multi-ethnic country in South East Asia where food always comes with a pack of flavors. 

Fifi left Malaysia in 2009 and continued her studies in Korea before moving to the United States. And while she continued to travel to and live in other countries, what she couldn’t leave behind was her food. 

Having no Malaysian restaurant in Grand Forks, she started to cook and share her food with friends at the same time share her culture and the story behind it. Full with flavor and spices. Fifi’s recipes are passed down to her from her grandma. 

Having tons of complements on her food, Fifi tried out to be on Season 8 of “Masterchef”. She made it to the top 80 contestants from 150,000 applications and was flown by the “Masterchef” team to LA and had a “mini-Masterchef” competition. Although she did not make the finals, it was an experience that made her realize that Malaysian Food is something that she had to share with everyone in Grand Forks. 

She is a favorite flavor in the truck and her loyal followers are complemented by new fans with every event. 


Dinesh (Danny) Mishra

Dinesh (Danny) Mishra

Dinesh Mishra (Danny)and here is my story came to the United States in 2010 as a student at MSUM in Moorhead, MN. He then moved to Kentucky to continue my school and help his uncle start a Nepali Indian restaurant.

After school, Dinesh joined the US Army as a engineer and was deployed to Kuwait and Afghanistan for a year. After His return, he and his wife, Ashmita decided to start their own restaurant and serve authentic Nepali Indian food to the Fargo/ Moorhead community. With his friend Mr. Padam Gurung – who is head chef and business partner – the Himalayan Yak, was born.

They have now turned their sites to the GF Market. With a large Nepali and Bhutanese community in Grand Forks and a rapidly growing fan base through the GF area, Dinesh and the Yak crew are becoming local favorites. (PLEASE continue to support them and asked them to set up a brick and mortar shop in Grand Forks!)





Ilhaam, Noura and Mona have been cooking for years. (Pictured is Noura and Ilhaam . . . and not Mona.)

It’s a family thing.

They were part of the successful Juba Cafe on South Washington. Until that horrible night when someone  threw a ‘fire bomb’ through the front window. It was a  heartbreaking event and driving by the location still brings back difficult memories.

They have spent time working at the Al Amin grocery and now are ready to rebuild Juba. They have a plan and a location and are in New Flavors to bring their culinary features to the Grand Forks community.

Nothing can beat Mona’s smile as she returns to her passion of cooking!

We welcome them back and can’t wait.



Elias Dean. – May 4, 2017 – Alley Alive. Downtown Grand Forks.

Elias is not just a renter but he’s been an advisor and mentor on the business side of running this New Flavors operation.

Our goal has always been twofold – provide economic opportunity to our new neighbors and friends and introduce new people and cultures into the Grand Forks community in  a low-risk, common way.

Elias already owns and operates an amazing business, Steers Somali Cuisine, that is loaded with fantastic food so there’s nothing we can teach him about running a business.

However, he wants to reach out into new customers, new corners of our community. That’s where we can help!

Elias was born in the war torn Mogadishu in the early 90s and moved with his parents to Kenya.when then moved to Asia and made a move back to Africa .

Elias learned cooking while he was young at home as his parents used to be away most of the day. It was at this time he first  thought he might want to have a restaurant of his own and hoped one day it would be his dream job.

His first born daughter, Olivia, will be seven this summer and he hopes she will join him and her ‘mum’ soon. (They remain out of country, awaiting the chance to reunite)

While he waits, he works. He works a lot.

One next goal is to bring his fare right to the middle of the downtown Grand Forks night scene, introducing his delicious somosas (sambusas) to college students and hook them on his fare.

We think he’s got a solid plan.

Not only is the food delicious, but we at New Flavors know our college students will appreciate the diversity, the ‘hipness’ of Somali food from a food truck and, as a result, will help form a better connection with the community. Win-win-win.

We think Elias will expand his customer base in a huge way. He is a friendly, professional and giving person and a smart business man.

Please take the time to visit Steers Somali Restaurant at 2915 S. Washington St. You’ll thank us.

Here’s to Elias and his “New Flavor”. Our community is richer.