October 18, 2016


Telling our story is important. And thanks to Anthony Kerzman, boy do we have a good story to tell.








The “COME AND EAT” documentary premiered on on FEB. 22, at the Empire Arts Center with a fun schedule:

5:30 (social-apps); 6:00 (Screening of “Come and Eat”); 6:30 (Discussion w/Director, Tony Kerzman)

Anthony Kerzman’s Original Documentary

Original Trailer

Part of what we’re doing with New Flavors is attempting to capture the story behind starting up a food truck business meant to support New American Entrepreneurs. Founded in a dual appreciation of journalism and the visual arts, a documentary on The Making of New Flavors hopes to bring the ups and downs of this journey to life.

New Flavors has partnered with a promising new videographer and visual artist, Anthony Kerzman. This team will spend the first six months of the standing up the food truck-for hire business (starting with the fitting up of the food truck) collecting video footage of the crucial decisions, and more often than not the boring process details of board meetings, policy discussions and meetings about trailers, truck storage and winterization efforts.

Meet Tony: tony-kerzman

In the end, we have the highest of hopes this story of New Flavors will not only inspire others to engage in community building and tactical urbanism but will realistically show that great ideas come true with great teams, great efforts and great determination. Or, the documentary will showcase a ‘just missed’ scenario and the value will be in the lessons learned.

In any case, there is a story to tell. And telling our story is important.