Guest Post – Fifi, the Chef behind “Seri Pandan”

Fifi was born and raised in Malaysia, a multi-ethnic country in South East Asia where food always comes with a pack of flavors. 

Fifi left Malaysia in 2009 and continued her studies in Korea before moving to the United States. And while she continued to travel to and live in other countries, what she couldn’t leave behind was her food. 

Having no Malaysian restaurant in Grand Forks, she started to cook and share her food with friends at the same time share her culture and the story behind it. Full with flavor and spices. Fifi’s recipes are passed down to her from her grandma. 


Having tons of complements on her food, Fifi tried out to be on Season 8 of “Masterchef”. She made it to the top 80 contestants from 150,000 applications and was flown by the “Masterchef” team to LA and had a “mini-Masterchef” competition.

Although she did not make the finals, it was an experience that made her realize that Malaysian Food is something that she had to share with everyone in Grand Forks. 

She is a favorite flavor in the truck and her loyal followers are complemented by new fans with every event. 

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